CSC/ECE 573-002 in Fall, 2024

Last updated on June 6, 2024

In Fall, 2024, I will be teaching a section of CSC/ECE 573. For more information about this and other courses, please see the “Teaching” page. For registered students, initial information will become available through the Moodle locker for the course during the week preceding the beginning of classes on August 19th.

Please note that this is NOT a course that focuses on TCP and IP. While those topics (and a few other protocols) are covered in the first part of the course, that is considered a recap. The main focus of the course is in gaining an appreciation of the forwarding plane of the Internet, and the various aspects of its operation.

This section will be taught entirely as a flipped class. Slides and video lectures will be provided beforehand, and students will be responsible for going through those ahead of time. Lecture periods will be spent exclusively in doing quizzes, working on homework questions, and discussing any questions that come up as a result.