Congratulations, Dr. Harshvardhan Joshi!

Harsh successfully defended his doctoral thesis in October, 2020, in the videoconference format that became the norm during the Covid-19 pandemic! The bulk of his work was on detection of botnets from partial traffic traces. Harsh also studied the issue of alternative decompositions of the same overall security functionality over an enterprise network, and specific issues at the intersection of security and SDN, such as RoP attacks on obfuscated code. Toward the end of his PhD, he transitioned to the AERPAW project as a Network and Systems Architect. Harsh continued in this position, and contributed to this nationally unique research facility, for a few months beyond his degree completion, before transitioning to a more traditional job. AERPAW was very glad to have had this effort from him at a crucial juncture in the project! In his new role, Harsh is helping design datapaths for future (and futuristic) forwaring engine products.