“Starting PhD Research” seminar, last administration – Fall 2023

Last updated on June 6, 2024

How do you start on the process of PhD research, if you have never done research before? What are the processes you will be expected to follow, and tasks you will be expected to perform, without necessarily being told how to? How do you know when you have become ready to “do research”?? Is P=NP?!?

We can’t tell you that last one, but we hope to help you with the others! We will go over the life cycle of research projects, the anatomy of research papers, how to read and write reviews, how to develop research ideas, and how to present and communicate research. This course is only open for CSC PhD students. If you are a first-year PhD student, you can also earning a full course credit toward your degree.

Since 2016, Dr. Dutta has taught this seminar every Fall on preparing for academic research, targeted at incoming Ph.D. students, and intended to smooth their entry into the research life. The students who take it learn and practice the processes of academic research, in preparation of working with their advisors. Incoming Ph.D. students will also be able to count this seminar as a full course toward their Ph.D. degree, and make contact with other faculty through this course.

In Fall, 2023, Dr. Dutta taught this course for the eighth and last time. Starting Fall, 2024, it will be administered by other CSC faculty, and eventually is planned to be absorbed in a more comprehensive sequence of courses and credits for incoming PhD students.